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Adult Hockey League Captain & Referee Responsibilities

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Tie Breakers will be as follows:

  • Most Points
  • Head to Head Wins (If more than 2 teams are tied Head to Head will not be used.)
  • Most Regulation Wins
  • Least Goals Against
  • Most Goals For


1. All teams must have matching jerseys with a unique number. If both teams wear the same color the VISITING team will wear an alternate jersey.

2. All players on a given roster must be 18 years of age or older by the first game of the season.

3. A player may not be on two rosters in the same division

4. Rosters must be submitted using the online registration process prior to your first game including :
Email address
Date of birth
Changes to a team's roster may be made until the published date listed on the season's application. User Names and Passwords will be issued each season once divisions are set so team captains may enter their roster. Log in information is reset every season listed on the season's application. User Names and Passwords will be issued each season once divisions are set so team captains may enter their roster. Log in information is reset every season.

5. Rosters are uploaded onto the computers the morning of the game so roster needs to be accurate as of 24 hours prior to a team's game. Changes after 24 hours need to be
approved by the league office.

6. No player may be hand written on your team's roster sheet without prior approval from the league office. Players hand written in without league approval will result in the
forfeiture of that game.

7. Player game check-in procedure:
Immediately following the end of second period ALL PLAYERS must sit on the bench. If the players stay on the ice the officials may charge the team(s) with a minor penalty for
delay of game. The official will go down the bench asking each player in attendance - LAST NAME / NUMBER. After the referee completes the check -team captain or alternate
will cross off from the printed roster with the referee, the players who were not in attendance for that game and initial the game sheet. ONLY THE PLAYERS IN ATTENDANCE GET
CREDIT FOR GAME PLAYED.ALL PLAYERS MUST PLAY IN HALF OF THE TEAMS GAME TO BE ELIGBLE FOR THE PLAYOFFS. Scorekeeper will then input the rosters into the system. Please check after the game on our website to verify that no errors were made. You must let Tom Preville know of any discrepancies within 48 hours at tpreville@icehousenj.com.

8. Illegal player: Only players in good standing on the 20 man roster are eligible. If a team is caught using an illegal player ,TEAM FORFEITS THE GAME AND TEAM CAPTAINS PLAYING PRIVILGES WILL BE SUSPENDED FOR THE SEASON.

9. Only non-rostered goaltenders can play without a forfeit resulting, providing the hockey office was notified of the situation prior to the game.

10. Each team is allowed a 30 second time-out.

11. No player is allowed on the ice or in the player bench area until the zamboni doors are closed.

12. Games will consist of 3 periods of 15 minutes stop time.

13. Games will begin promptly with as few as 3 players on the ice for a given team.

14. Any penalty assessed during or after the post-game handshake will be a game misconduct.

15. Any player who skates under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be ejected immediately and face supplementary discipline, which may include expulsion. For safety sake, players are urged to make officials aware of these situations.

16. If a player leaves the bench during an altercation that player will receive a game misconduct.

17. Alcoholic beverages on the bench will result in a forfeit.