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Youth Hockey Rules

The Greater Bergen County Youth Ice Hockey League

Period Lengths will be as follows:

  • Mite: 16 Minutes Runing Time with buzzer every 2 minutes
  • Squirt: 16 Minutes Running Time
  • Peewee-High School: 15 Minutes Stop Time

Penalty Lengths will be as follows:

  • Mite:Duration of current shift
  • Squirt-High School 2 Minutes
  1. Teams may roster up to 20 players and must register their players and coaches online with USA Hockey.
  2. Players may not be rostered on two teams at the same age level, but a player may be rostered on two different teams at different age levels providing the child is age eligible for both levels.
  3. (AA,A,B) travel players should play up an age level.
  4. AAA Travel Hockey players are not permitted to play in the league.
  5. If a travel player plays at his/her age level in this league the player must do so with the consent of the hockey department.
  6. In order to be eligible for the playoffs a player must play in half of the team's regular season games. Any exceptions must be applied for in writing and subsequently approved by the hockey department.
  7. There are to be no more than four adults on in the bench/box area.
  8. A major penalty (5 minutes on the clock) will be assessed for any deliberate infraction that results in an injury or is determined by an official to be so violent that a double minor is deemed insufficient.
  9. A game misconduct will be issued concurrently with any major penalty. A game misconduct entails a suspension from Ice House league play in all divisions until the conclusion of the next game played in the division in which the suspension was issued. If a player plays in multiple divisions that player may miss multiple games. If you are suspended on Monday you cannot play on Tuesday.
  10. If a player is removed from a game that player is not to return to the arena for any reason. The player is to either remain in the locker room or leave the building. Failure to comply can only result in further disciplinary action.
  11. A match penalty will be assessed for any infraction that is a deliberate attempt to injure. The result is five minutes on the clock and an indefinite suspension pending a review by the league office.
  12. The league office will review repeat offenders and assess additional suspensions or expulsion if necessary.
  13. If a player leaves the bench during an altercation that player will receive a game misconduct.
  14. If a player is the "third man in" during an altercation that player will receive a game misconduct.
  15. If a goaltender receives a game misconduct the officials can decide if he is to be dismissed from the game. If the officials believe that the goaltender is of no further threat he may remain in goal for the good of the game. 5 minutes will go on the clock and the goaltender will be suspended for the next game.
  16. A total of 15 penalties in a game will result in running time. Coincidental minors count as one penalty. Stop time will resume for the last 2 minutes of the third period.
  17. If a player receives three penalties in a game that player is ejected from that game with no additional suspension. No player needs to serve that minor penalty, but the team will play shorthanded.
  18. Double minors and misconducts count as one penalty toward a player’s or team’s penalty total.
  19. If a player drops his/her gloves or removes his/her helmet in preparation for an altercation, that player will receive at least a game ejection even if there is no altercation.
  20. Any penalty assessed during or after the post-game handshake will be a game misconduct.
  21. There is no two line offside pass.
  22. Red line icing is in effect.
  23. Each team is allowed a 30 second time-out.
  24. No player is allowed on the ice or in the player bench area until the Zamboni doors are closed.
  25. Games will begin no earlier than 3 minutes after the Zamboni doors have closed. The game can commence at any point after those 3 minutes at the discretion of the on-ice officials.
  26. The clock will run if there is a 5 or greater goal differential at any time after the end of the second period. Should the differential close to within 2 goals, stop time will resume for the duration of the game.
  27. A forfeit will be issued to a team who plays with an illegal player. An illegal player is not of age, not rostered, playing in an inappropriate division, suspended, etc.
  28. Only non-rostered goaltenders can play without a forfeit resulting, providing the hockey office was notified of the situation prior to the game and consent was given.
  29. "Ghosting" a player will result in forfeiture. Ghosting is intentionally listing an absent player on a score sheet for playoff eligibility purposes.